Watch 100 Baby Loggerhead Turtles Hatch by Moonlight in the Florida Keys

by Owen James Burke

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On a sandy beach in the Florida Keys last Friday night, a high definition camera captured about 100 3-inch-long baby loggerhead sea turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean. The camera uses infrared lighting so as to not distract the turtles from the moonlight, which leads them to the water’s edge.

Each year during full moons between April and October, mother loggerheads come ashore to lay about 100 eggs, cover them in sand, and return back to the water, leaving the nest alone. Two months later, the eggs hatch, and like their mothers, the hatchlings also make their way to the sea by the light of a full moon.

The webcam, authorized by both state and federal wildlife commissions and services, is part of an ongoing project to promote awareness of the endangered species.

Read more at the Florida Keys Tourism website — OB

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