Shorebreak, A New Photography Book by Clark Little

by Owen James Burke


Hawaiian photographer Clark Little has an entirely unique brand of surf photography which (mostly) doesn’t involve surfers at all, and he’s just put together a new book entitled Shorebreak.


While other surf photographers are trying to capture the next cover shot for a magazine, focusing on the very same wave within the very same frame, Little is on his stomach, facing shore, or waiting to snap terrifying walls of water right before they land on his head and send him 30 yards up the beach.


What started out as a cheaper way to decorate a wall has turned into a lifelong a passion and a livelihood. He’s been collecting images for about eight years now and, day after day and year after year, he’s probably had sand in more places than anyone would dare to imagine.


Not surprisingly, he’s separated his shoulder, been hit in the face by his camera, and found sand in parts of his body he — let alone you — had probably never imagined possible.


The book isn’t available on Amazon yet, but it can be ordered on Clark Little’s website:


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