Avast! Greetings from the New Captain.

by Chris Dixon



Today, I couldn’t be happier to be writing my first captain’s log as Guest Editor-In-Chief of TheScuttlefish. For the next six months – and perhaps beyond – I’ll be both Ahab and Ishmael – writing and editing the stories of a talented crew for what I hope will evolve into a modern day equivalent of the legendary Ocean Almanac (the book that inspired this website in the first place.)

I grew up landlocked in Atlanta but spent my summers in my grandparents’ old salt box beach house on the coast of South Carolina, where I developed a passion for fishing (thanks Dad and Granddad) but most especially for surfing (thanks to my cousins). In 1994, I moved to California and was astonished to land a job alongside my heroes as the founding online editor of Surfer magazine. In 1999, my VW camper carried me to a meeting with Jimmy Buffett, who hired me to spend a year on the road and in the air, documenting his tour and travels and surfing stupid waves in far-flung locales. In 2005, my Dana Point born and bred wife agreed to move back to my native south to raise our kids amidst the pluff mud, redfish, sand gnats, thunderstorms, unexploded cannonballs and warm, sandy waves of Charleston, South Carolina — one of the most storied seaside haunts in these United States.

For all that time, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have managed to bury myself beneath work as a journalist, writing articles, authoring a book, and even co-authoring a few others. The stories have been myriad, but the most common thread has been life in and around the ocean. What drew me to this particular port of call is a simple understanding that I share with Scuttlefish founder Brian Lam; a great many ocean people don’t simply label themselves as surfers, sailors, fishermen, divers, explorers or conservationists. We’re part and parcel of all these things.

And I’m mighty honored to take the helm.

Chris Dixon

P.S. If there’s a tall tale, scurvy dog or port-of-call you’d like to see covered on thescuttlefish, please shoot a note up to the bridge.

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