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Month: July, 2014

HMS Friday: The USS Cyane. Don’t Call It A Comeback

The American flag first flew over California on October 13, 1842. But that only lasted two weeks. flagmonterey

Commodore Thomas Catesby Jones, commander of the Pacific Squadron of the United States Navy, heard a rumor that the United States and Mexico had gone to war, and he seized the opportunity to claim California as part of the United States. Jones sailed into Monterey Bay with two ships, the USS Cyane and the USS United States. The third member of his squadron, the USS Dale had been sent to Panama with an urgent dispatch stating his intent to capture several Mexican coastal towns. The Mexicans in Monterey surrendered immediately. Jones’ force vastly outgunned them, and many of the locals were pro-America anyway. Not a single shot was fired.

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Patagonia Goes Green with New Plant-Based Bio-Rubber Wetsuits

From surfboards down to wetsuits, board shorts, and even wax–all petroleum-based goods–very few products in the surf industry are built to last and, as a matter fact, many manufacturers appear to be thriving on the planned obsolescence of their merchandise. This is especially true when considering the fact that, for the habitual surfer, wetsuits generally need to be replaced every two to three years. That’s a lot of non-renewable, non-biodegradable neoprene heading to the landfill.

Outdoor clothing company Patagonia has teamed up with plant-based bio-rubber manufacturer Yulex to create a new wetsuit that is mostly made of Yulex’s bio-rubber which comes from guayule, a plant grown in Arizona that “requires very little water or chemical inputs to be grown,”  says Patagonia’s Director of Surf, Jason McCaffrey.

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The Longest-Living Octopus Broods for 53 Months, Then Dies


This female octopus, pictured in 2007 nearly a mile deep in Monterey Bay, was then 7 months into her 53-month long job of protecting her eggs. (Photo: MBARI)

In 2007, a team of research biologists in a submerisble led by Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) Senior Scientist Bruce Robison found a deep-sea octopus, (Graneledone boreopacifica) clinging to a ledge at the bottom of Monterey Bay, about 4,500 feet down.

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The Navigators: The Story of Mau Piailug and the Hōkūle‘a

YouTube Preview Image

On Satawal Island in the Caroline Islands of Micronesia, there are three kinds of men, and two kinds of sailors: those who can navigate are called Palu; those who can navigate using magic, called Pwo (held in even higher regard than the village chief); and then there are the rest, the “men who cannot navigate, who are not looked up to, and don’t have a name,” the late master navigator and mentor Mau Piailug explained.

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Wish You Were Here: Norfollk Island, Tasman Sea, Australia


(Photo: Alex Ferguson/Flickr)

A former convict settlement where the descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers were also sent, Norfolk Island is a tiny subtropical island situated between Australia’s Gold Coast, New Caledonia and New Zealand in the Tasman Sea. The island has a mild climate and current which make for comfortable temperatures year-round, and its lush greenness provides an endless supply of fresh fruit and veggies.


(Photo: Stuck on a Rock)

Norfolk Island isn’t much of a tourist destination for many aside from retired couples and heavy-pocketed newlyweds, and its senior citizen population may lend it the reputation of being death’s waiting room for Australians, but you can drop me off there anytime you’d like.

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Watch 100 Baby Loggerhead Turtles Hatch by Moonlight in the Florida Keys

YouTube Preview Image

On a sandy beach in the Florida Keys last Friday night, a high definition camera captured about 100 3-inch-long baby loggerhead sea turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean. The camera uses infrared lighting so as to not distract the turtles from the moonlight, which leads them to the water’s edge.

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A slippery new ride

Slippery new ride by @tyler_warren @surf_garage

Summer swells have been slow in Honolulu, or at least they’ve been slow while I’ve been in town. To make up for it, I figured I would pick up this fun little twin at Surf Garage, called the Bar of Soap by Tyler Warren for Hobie. It’s less beefy than a traditional mini sims but should be easy to get into small waves, anyhow. Now if only I could find a way to get around this mango shortage. Here’s Warren surfing one:

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These Fishermen Melt Down the Plastic They Catch to Make Furniture…While They’re Still Fishing

When you start catching too much trash in your fishnets, make furniture. That’s what these UK fishermen are doing, and they even have a furnace on board, so while some of the crew are hauling and clearing nets, others can be feeding the cauldron and assembling the stools, which they call sea chairs.

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