Did Bottlenose Dolphins Lead Scientists to Save a Girl from Committing Suicide?

by Owen James Burke


Just like a group of Flippers, the dolphins guided a boat to her aid and formed a circle to keep her afloat.

Maddalena Bearzi, president and co-founder of the Ocean Conservation Society, wrote in her book, Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologistthat while she and a team of researchers were tracking a pod of feeding dolphins off the Los Angeles coast when all of a sudden the school curiously broke up and strayed 3 miles from shore. When they finally reached where the dolphins had stopped, there was a mysterious, seemingly lifeless figure floating in the middle of them.

As the research boat approached what then appeared to be merely an object, a girl, of about 18 years old, lifted an arm, as if to acknowledge to them that she was looking for help.

The team alerted the coast guard, pulled her from the water, and wrapped her in a blanket, and brought her to Marina del Ray, the nearest harbor. Then they found a suicide note on her.

We’ve heard stories of dolphins rescuing humans going back to the ancient Greeks, but they never cease being weird.


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