‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Brigantine, Unicorn, Sinks of St. Lucia

by Owen James Burke


The 138′ tall ship, built in Finland in the 1940’s, was famous for having been featured in several ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies and the popular 1970s television show ‘Roots.’

On Saturday morning while making a short passage of about 18 miles between St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, TS Brig Unicorn mysteriously began taking on water and reportedly sank within a matter of minutes, according to the St. Lucia Times.

Reports say that all 10 crew members and the captain safely abandoned ship and were rescued by the coast guard, but that the ship had sunk by the time the coast guard had arrived.

TS Unicorn had been in St. Lucia since 1980, and was mostly recently serving as a bar and restaurant at Rodney Bay Marina. It’s unlikely that the ship will be salvaged, reports gCaptain.


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