This Wedding Band Was Lost on the Beach, Found and Returned Two Years Later

by Owen James Burke


While playing football on Goleta Beach, Greg Lindsay chased a football into the surf and didn’t notice that it had slipped off. It wasn’t until later that he and his wife, Sara, noticed it missing. They figured they’d never see it again, and replaced it with a $20 sterling silver ring they found on Amazon.


The white gold band had begun to fade, but it still shined brightly enough to attract the eyes of Jen Birchim, whose family was scouring tide pools for hidden treasures two weeks ago after a storm had pushed the beach around.

Birchim went home and posted a note on Facebook calling on others two help locate its owner. Within two days, the post had been shared 1,100 times, and several days after that, the ring was back on Lindsay’s hand. Ahhh, the power of the sea, and the magic of social media.


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