Florida Angler Stops for Gas with 11-Foot Mako Shark in His Pickup

by Owen James Burke


It’s not uncommon to see freshly killed deer on the hood of a car or a cooler overflowing with several large fish in the trunk, but a potential world-record, 805-pound, 11-foot shortfin mako shark bulging from the tailgate of a pickup truck is something you just couldn’t imagine seeing when pulling up to the pump, even in Florida.

The shark was hooked Tuesday night and landed on Wednesday morning just off Navarre Beach, just southeast of Panama City Beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Despite the perfect legality of his catch, the angler who caught the mako shark wishes to remain anonymous for fear of persecution from the anti-sharking community. The angler’s cousin did come forward to local media to say that the fish was killed for food, and will most certainly not go to waste, siting, “Most of my family will be eating on this thing for months. Makos are legal game fish in Florida. There is nothing wrong with taking one of these as long as the creature is not wasted, and nothing goes to waste.”

Mako sharks are not the healthiest choice of cartilaginous fishes to eat, but they are one of the tastiest.


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