This Australian Surfer Collided with a Dolphin on His Birthday

by Owen James Burke

John Wolfson, 27, was celebrating his birthday surfing with friends in New South Wales on Monday when a pod of dolphins arrived. While he was preparing to take a wave, one of the dolphins broke through the face and collided with him. He was knocked off of his board, and his wetsuit was “entirely ripped off his body,” a friend reported.

Wolfson, who was airlifted to a hospital in Sydney, told the ABC Australia:

“I was in the way of the dolphin coming through the wave and he didn’t see me. It wasn’t intentional or anything like that, I kind of felt bad for the dolphin. He’s probably got a bit of a sore head.”

He was released after a brief examination, but was still in considerable pain. There’s still no report on the well-being of the dolphin.


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