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Month: February, 2014

Traditional Kayaks from Around the Arctic


Watch Sharks “Socialize” with Other Species

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Schooling sharks have been seen and filmed, but this may be the first video, without human presence, that shows different species of sharks congregating and “socializing” with other species.

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How to Prepare Fresh Sprats (You Don’t)


A short order along many shores during one season or another, sprats are easy to catch, especially when schooling in lagoons during the Fall in the Caribbean. 

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Watch a Rescued Baby Dolphin Show Thanks with a Dance

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Some Brazilian fishermen came across this baby dolphin entangled in a plastic bag off the coast of Sao Paolo, netted it, and set it free. Before it went off to find its mother, it made sure to express a sentiment of gratitude.


Horseshoe Crab Blood Is Used to Test Every Drug the FDA Certifies


The copper-rich gray-blue blood of horseshoe crabs contains a chemical called amoebocytes, which miraculously detects traces of bacteria and forms coagulations around them forming “inescapable clots,” the Atlantic reports.

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After Two Years, Google Has Over a Million Ocean Images

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Two years, over one million images, and the Caitlin Seaview Survey team is still “just getting started.”

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How Filipino Seaman Adjust Themselves for Women in Port


Masculinities often become inflated at sea, but rarely in ways so strange and literal as that of the Filipino mariner.

A surgical augmentation known as “bolitas,” or little balls, involves making an incision at the base of the penis and inserting stiff materials such as plastic chopsticks, tiles, and even toothbrush handles. Of course, a highly qualified member of the crew is designated, to boil and sterilize the apparatus before insertion.

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Bella Vita: A Surf, Wine and Food Pilgrimage Through Italy

Italy, while well-known for its food and wine, is rarely considered for its surf, albeit short-lived and infrequent. Swell does make its way to its shores, but it’s been my experience that it’s not a bad idea to have something else on reserve when in Italy, like some fresh sardines and a bottle of dry Pinot Grigio.

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