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Month: September, 2013

7.7 Earthquake Creates New Island off Pakistan, Leaves Hundreds Dead

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A 7.7 earthquake occurred on Tuesday afternoon in Pakistan — which has left hundreds dead — caused the seabed to rise about 2000 feet off the port of Gwadar. Scientists are now being sent to the island, which, yet to be named, is about 650 feet long, 300 feet wide and 65 feet high.

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Home Is Where You Park It: A photographic exploration of Van Life

Foster Huntington quit his job in New York in 2011 and bought a Volkswagon Vanagon. Since then, he and his van have put on 80,000 miles and an array of photographs and stories. Now he’s got to publish it, so give a look at his Kickstarter page and lend a hand, if you can.


A Killer Whale “Treadmill” at SeaWorld?


A new aquatic “treadmill” is being tested on an orca named Tilikum at Orlando’s SeaWorld — an improvement, I suppose.



The Adventuresome Life and Times of Eddie Aikau, On Film

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Eddie Aikau was the first lifeguard of Hawaii’s north shore and in his 500+ lifesaving attempts, his record stood perfect.

Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau Premiers on October 1st:


Strange Love Craft: The Rabbit’s Foot


With the weight of a feather and the glide of a fish, Ryan Lovelace’s “Rabbit’s Foot” is not a bedroom apparatus but a finless surfboard that he constructed with Dan Malloy.

Careful, that back rail can leave a bruise (or take an eye).

ryanlovelace and surfwanderer

Water People, by kozyndan


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How a Crocodile Stranded a Kayaker on a Remote Island off Australia

Saltwater crocodile

Last month, a New Zealand kayaker was dropped by boat on Governor Island  off Western Australia so that he could explore the island. He failed to bring enough water and food, and, although he had a vessel at hand, was unable to leave the island.

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By my friend Eric Cheng, of Wetpixel, “S/Y Bella Principessa at Swallow’s Cave, Vava’u, Tonga.” Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.