The Winners of the 2013 Red Bull Illume Contest Have Been Announced, But These Are My Picks

by Owen James Burke


Secret Spot, Bahamas, by Chris Straley


Lahinch, Ireland, by George Karbus


Namotu Island, Fiji, by Stuart Gibson

This wave comes from such deep water and is moving with such force that even once a surfer has paddled past it (over or under), they are still bound to be pulled backwards and tossed into the dry reef below, as was the fate of this unfortunate surfer. This is why most surfers prefer to be towed into the wave by a jet ski, which was not operational at the time of this photograph.


White Sea, Arctic Circle, Russian Federation, by George Karbus


Sussex Inlet, Australia, by Jussi Grznar

This man has spent his entire life in Australia, but didn’t see the ocean until he was 20. The next day he packed up everything he had and moved right to the beach.

TUAMOTU JULY 2011, Tahiti / French Polynesia

Tuamotus, French Polynesia, by Ben Thouard

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