The North Korean Container Ship Detained in Panama Is Now Swarmed with Bees

by Owen James Burke

The 10,000 pounds of Cuban brown sugar aboard the North Korean container ship Chong Chon Gang which was detained on July 15th in Panama for possession of missile parts and Russian MiGs is beginning to melt in the humid, 90-degree Panamanian heat, and, with the assistance of mold, urine and other rotting matter left behind by the ship’s 35 crewmen, has become a stinking hot mess — so much so that it has attracted every be within smelling distance.

Furthermore, as if the unimaginable smells and inundation of bees weren’t enough, the melting sugar is expanding and has begun overwhelm the ship’s cargo hold so that authorities are having a difficult time simply entering the hold.

Authorities have begun to fumigate the ship on a daily basis so as to continue their search, meanwhile, searching desperately for a new home for the septic sugar.

gCaptain and thewashingtonpost

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