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Month: July, 2013

The North Korean Container Ship Detained in Panama Is Now Swarmed with Bees

The 10,000 pounds of Cuban brown sugar aboard the North Korean container ship Chong Chon Gang¬†which was detained on July 15th in Panama for possession of missile parts and Russian MiGs is beginning to melt in the humid, 90-degree Panamanian heat, and, with the assistance of mold, urine and other rotting matter left behind by the ship’s 35 crewmen, has become a stinking hot mess — so much so that it has attracted every be within smelling distance.

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Summertime at the Jersey Shore, Circa 1979

Before “the Situation” there was Bruce, and a beach not clogged with steroid-ridden muscle heads and “Snookis” but a vivacious yet still scantily clad spirit — that is, a Jersey Shore before “The Jersey Shore”.


Watch 52 Cars Slip off a Cargo Ship and into the Pacific

YouTube Preview Image

Between Toyama, Japan and Vladivostok, Russia, a cargo carrier lost 52 of the 64 used cars aboard during a storm. The next time you think about shipping your car overseas, consider this.


Seen: Turtle Island, Yilan County, Taiwan

The consequence of a climb which quite nearly killed me.

Montauk Fisherman Found 43 Miles Offshore Using Rubber Boots as Life Vest

Montauk, New York lobsterman John Aldridge was found alive and afloat Wednesday afternoon thanks to his rubber boots, which he turned upside down and placed underneath his arms to forge flotation devices in place of the life jacket he was not wearing.

Mr. Aldridge went overboard around 5 miles south of Montauk Point and, within 12 hours, drifted an approximated 38 miles farther from shore.

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Surfers at Steamer Lane, From Above

Steamer Lane has got to be one of the most geographically dramatic surf breaks in Santa Cruz, if not all of California. A building swell slips past a lazing colony of seals on a lone rock before barraging the cliffs with an explosion of water, which fizzles out into a small bay to the west as, to the east, it wraps around the lighthouse point forming an arguably perfect right-hand wave. Filming this spot by air is likely the only way to capture its majesty with any considerable justice.

Eric Cheng

Krill-Stuffed Quail Eggs

Small baking sheets are placed atop a grill, into which a quail egg is cracked, whereupon a baby shrimp or krill is inserted, from what I gather. They make these perfect little bite-sized balls that are then rolled in spices and drenched in a chili sauce. Not a bad midnight snack.

$25 NTD ~ less than $1 USD

Seen: Sunset, Northeast Taiwan

Somewhere between Fulong and Jiaofen, Taiwan

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