Sailor Survives 2 Days Inside Sunken Ship off Nigeria

by Owen James Burke

The Jascon IV, a West African Ventures tugboat, went down in heavy weather off the coast of Escravos, Nigeria last Sunday (May 26th), taking 10 lives along with her. Two days later, by some miracle, the ship’s cook, Mr. Okene Harrison, was found a live aboard the sunken vessel — 30 meters below the surface.

“The fact this person survived is incredible,’ commented former US Navy Salvage Officer Patrick Keenan. “After spending two days at 30 meters of depth, he had become saturated, meaning his body had absorbed all the pressurized gases and equalized with the surrounding water pressure. Bringing him to surface from that depth, and after having been saturated at 3 or 4 atmospheres, could easily have killed him.”

Responding personnel aboard the dive support vessel (which brought the ship’s cook back to the surface using a diving bell expressed their astonishment at how “cool he was when being rescued.” He spent two days decompressing, and it has been reported that he is continuing to respond to treatment.

Our sympathy goes out to the loved ones of those lost aboard the Jascon IV.

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