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Month: June, 2013

Squid Boats Align on the East China Sea, Taiwan

While the sleepy little hillside village of Jioufen sips their oolong tea, gazing at the diminishing sunlight over the east China sea, a fleet of squid fishermen awake and position for a night’s work.

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Watch a Time-Lapse Video of Volcanic Activity in Hawaii

Photographer QT Luong put together this time-lapse of the steaming magma at the shores of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which has been occurring for some 70-million years — proof that, despite what we humans may or may not be doing, some prehistoric forces are still well at work.


The Sinking World, Andreas Franke’s New Underwater Exhibition

Andreas Franke gives sunken ships new lives by installing artwork on them. This year, Franke has photographed models in period clothing and superimposed the images onto the deck of the U.S.S. Coast Guard Vessel the Mohawk, which, before her demise, enacted 14 attacks on German U-boats and rescued 300 torpedoed ship survivors.

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18-Year-Old Boy Builds Submarine with $2,000

New Jersey high school student and inventor Justin Beckerman has made three successful dives with the Nautilus, which he put together in just six months with drainage pipes, a recycled skylight hatch and $2,000 USD.

The submarine propels at a speed of 1.5 mph and has, so far, reached a depth of 30 feet.

Check out Beckerman’s website to see what else he’s constructed.


Zaca, Errol Flynn’s Haunted Yacht

Modeled after the fastest fishing schooner ever built, Bluenose of Canada, Zaca is a 118′ schooner once owned by Australian actor and playboy Errol Flynn a commissioned to be the most luxurious yacht constructed in her day, and for years, laying dormant in a ship yard in the south of France, she was haunted.

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Fake Shark Warning Signs Posted in Santa Cruz

Eight shark warning signs were posted around Pleasure Point, a popular surf spot on the east side of Santa Cruz.

The notices stated that there had been three shark attacks on Wednesday at Capitola, Private’s and Rockview beaches, only no one had reported any sightings or attacks, and no one had seen any sharks.

“Due to the highly aggressive nature of these encounters,” the notices read, “it is strongly advised to stay out of the water for 48 hours or surf Cowells instead”,  which is a popular surf spot on the other side of town where something of a rivalry exists.

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Australian Surfer Takes Paraplegic Mother Surfing…By Duct-Taping Her to His Back

18 years ago, Pascale Honore was left paralyzed after an automobile accident. Determined to get her surfing, Tyron Swan (a friend of Pascale’s sons) and Honore were discussing possibilities over a few beers and came down to the old ‘if you can’t duct it…’ philosophy.



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Sailor Survives 2 Days Inside Sunken Ship off Nigeria

The Jascon IV, a West African Ventures tugboat, went down in heavy weather off the coast of Escravos, Nigeria last Sunday (May 26th), taking 10 lives along with her. Two days later, by some miracle, the ship’s cook, Mr. Okene Harrison, was found a live aboard the sunken vessel — 30 meters below the surface.

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