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Month: April, 2013

Tiburon Ballena (or, whale sharking with wetpixel)

I wrote this post last year, but the trip is happening again and by some miracle, there are seats open. I might go back. For $2600, including everything but airfare, you should consider going. It’s a non scuba trip, so you’ll be snorkeling, making it ideal for people with partners who don’t dive. I don’t get paid to promote this trip, I just believe these Wetpixel are an amazing way to go on an adventure and learn water photography, so I try to promote them best I can. Here’s how to learn more.

I tagged along on underwater photography site Wetpixel’s whale shark trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. You’d expect everyone on the trip to have very big cameras, and some, like Alex Mustard, an editor at Wetpixel, did. (Alex, an englishman who lived in Sardinia with his girlfriend,¬†Eleonora, was an incredible host and guide because he is also a marine biologist.) But others were just there to spend time–hours and hours for days on end–swimming with the sharks above an endless depth. I had only a gopro and an iPhone in a 30-meter hard case, but given the clear skies, clear waters, abundant sharks, and plenty of time in the water, I was able to grab a few lucky shots.

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Seen: Front door

Front door

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