Christmas Spirit Helped Save Bradley Beach’s Boardwalk

by jonnypartys

(photo credit : AP/Wayne Perry)
Bradley Beach in NJ has been running a dune replenishment program for 17 years utilizing discarded Christmas trees. A network of fences and 20,000 trees trap sand creating sand dunes that help protect against storm surges. Bradley Beach’s homes suffered little structural damage as the dunes did their job, the boardwalk was also spared Sandy’s terrible wrath as neighboring towns, Belmar and Avon were destroyed.

“We’re probably the only town where you can walk on the boardwalk right now”

Bradley Beach Public Works Operating Supervisor, Richard Bianchi, Jr., has said in the past residents have complained about heights of the dunes, which were 15′ by 25′, but now are praising them. NJ Governor, Chris Christie made his way to Bradley Beach on Monday to see firsthand the dunes effectiveness, as well as using it as platform to criticize opponents of dune systems.

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