Before His Trip to the Bottom of the Sea, James Cameron Visited a Place Never Explored by Humans

by Owen James Burke

On March 26th, Cameron descended 10,900 meters to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the lowest point on earth and a place not visited by man since Jacques Cousteau in 1960. On Tuesday in San Francisco, he revealed that, beforehand, he had visited the 8,200-meter-deep New Britain Trench in the Solomon Sea off Papua New Guinea, a place previously unexplored by humans or ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicles).

James Cameron explores the 5-mile-deep New Britain Trench at the bottom of the Solomon Sea

“We did end up with some amazing science results from this project,” said Cameron. In terms of biology, it was reported that the team found that the desert-like Mariana Trench made the nutrient-rich waters of the New Britain Trench look like New York City.

Topographically, Cameron recounts:

Bottom time close to 5 hours, range of exploration about 1.5 km horizontal, and about 300m vertical along the trench wall, which was like the Grand Canyon, vertical faces interspersed with angled scree slopes. Dramatic terrain.

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