Outright World Sailing Speed Record Shattered Off Namibia

by Owen James Burke

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Working with 25-knot winds and calm seas off the coast of Namibia, Paul Larsen and the Vestas Sailrocket 2 team reached an (unofficial) average speed of 59 knots, or nearly 68 miles per hour, hitting a top speed of 68.01 knots per hour, or just over 78 miles per hour. Watch how much the hull begins to chatter with even just the slightest surface texture.

A letter from Captain Paul Larsen to Sailing Anarchy on November 24th, 2012:

… fresh off the TRIMBLE… 65.45 average 68.01 knots for 1 second. I am… speechless. Performance sailing has entered a new era. We did battle with speed-spot today and we came away friends. I could walk away from speedsailing today and say “job done”. Tomorrow… well, I’ll worry about that then. This is a special time. I’m glad we shared it here. Cheers, from us to you.

*paularsen1 and sailinganarchy*

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