Mysterious Sea Creature Fossils Found off Jack O’Neill’s House

by Owen James Burke

Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz, California– About six feet of vertebrae fossils believed to be between 3 and 5 million years old were discovered by surfers crossing the beach below the wetsuit vanguard’s house when an unusually low tide exposed the specimen this month. Some are suggesting that it may be a dinosaur.

Gary Griggs, director of University of California Santa Cruz’s Institute of Marine Sciences, believes, judging by the surrounding sediment, that it’s too young to be a dinosaur, but might be an extinct Pliocene-era whale, KSBW reports:

“The rocks exposed along the coastline here near Pleasure Point are marine sedimentary rocks of the Pliocene Purisima Formation, about 3-5 million years old,” Griggs told the Huffington Post. “They formed in a shallow marine environment and contain lenses of mollusc shells as well as numerous marine mammal fossils.”

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