Rockaway Beach, NY

by jonnypartys

My home away from home. My heart is broken. Accounts from friends who live out there and are trying to/have returned are that the destruction is immense and widespread. A friend’s basement is exposed and there is a light pole through the first floor. The boardwalk, after being repaired this past fall due to damage from Irene is almost entirely destroyed. The beaches were also recently replenished. Last night, the 100th NYPD precinct was evacuated and today there are local reports of violence and gun point looting. I know how vibrant and strong this community is and I don’t doubt it will recover.
“I just want to go back and see my cat, Penelope” – D, Rockaway local who left his apt, cat and his roommate for the safety of Brooklyn.

UPDATE 10/31
My friend who went in this morning to get his valuables from his destroyed house left and sent me the text, “Its worse than I imagined.”.
On a surf forum, one local reported witnessing a stand off between the National Guard/NYPD and the mob looters near the strip mall on Beach 90th st and Rockaway Beach Blvd. The looters were targeting the CVS, Radio Shack and Clothing Stores in the mall.

All of the bridges are now open and access is allowed, but the roads are filled with refuse and the NYPD advises exercising extreme caution while driving. There is still no power and limited cell service.

One of the ways to help out is to donate items for people in need out there.
Things that are needed are:non-perishable goods, diapers, baby wipes, formula, clothing, jackets, socks, shoes, gloves, heavy-duty garbage bags, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and bottled water.

Locations for drop off are

Salvation Army Command
66 Church Street Freeport NY 11520

St Bernadette Parish
8201 13th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11228
M-F from 9am-12pm, 1-4pm, and 6-8:30pm

photo credit : Jonathan Lam

Beach 91st Skate Park devastation.
Via Instagram @babyboy718

“In Breezy Point, whatever is not flooded is on fire.” – NY State Assemblyman, Phil Goldfeder

Credit : AP photo (Frank Franklin II, AP)

YouTube Preview Image
Storm waves from 10/29
Credit : Youtube ID “bluewaterRJ”

Via Twitter : @ypgoldfeder

“At last count, over 100 homes destroyed by fire in Breezy Point, Residents are distraught but happy to be safe” – NY State Assemblyman, Phil Goldfeder

Via Twitter : @ypgoldfeder

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