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Month: September, 2012

Stingray Photobomb

A stingray handler and his little buddy perform the ultimate photobomb.
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Striper Blitz!

Striper Blitz

It’s fall in NY and that means the stripers are migrating. Moving upstream in the Hudson into the NY estuaries till they grow large enough to move off coast these fish follow a consistent migration pattern in the spring and fall. But fall is when their numbers are largest. Known for their spirited fight, these striper blitzes mean a fun time for NY fishermen.

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Google’s Streetview for Oceans

Google’s oceans work is mysterious to most, but seeing the company place Caitlin Seaview’s reef photography in Maps and Streetview is neat. In the future, I’d like to be able to use Google’s maps to figure out water conditions, and to plot local expeditions. For people who live close to the sea, that sort of information can be as everyday and important as public transport arrival times are for New Yorkers. Xeni’s got more at Boing Boing.

Encountering a Super Pod of Thousands of Dolphins

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I asked Chase Jarvis, “What species? How many? Why do super pods exist?”

These have been positively identified as common dolphins – likely long beak. Estimated to be several thousand by biologists at the Marine Mammal Center . Doreen Gorrola is a marine sciences instructor at the center and I spoke with her. 

This type of behavior is not uncommon for the common dolphins. They travel and socialize in “super pods.” Seeing one this size is uncommon. 

Wish You Were Here: Playa de los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Walking up and down the beach all day are vendors selling every sort of commodity from the innocent and benign to the utmost illicit–apparently I appeared as one who would welcome offerings from both ends of the spectrum. Fortunately, the southern end of the beach in front of the Zona Romantica (otherwise known as the gay quarter) is generally only hospitable to those vending fresh seafood. At 80 pesos (or then about $6.50 USD) for a baker’s dozen, these oysters went down quite freely.

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What The Sea Gives Me

Pierce Michael Kavanagh’s “What the Sea Gives Me” is an exploration of people with lifelong connections to the sea, like Great White shark researcher Brett McBride, artist Matt Beard, photographer Chris Burkard, bodysurfer Angie Oschmann, conservationist Jean-Michelle Cousteau, free-diver Herbert Nitsch, and oceanographer Walter Munk.

This is a great chance to have an insight into the minds and ideas of some diverse and great people who depend on and love the ocean. What The Sea Gives Me Kickstarter


Drunken, Hallucinating Woman Arrested After Hijacking Ferry While Yelling “I’m Jack Sparrow”

The 51-year-old buccaneer who had been drinking and eating hallucinogenic plants for two days managed to untie and cast-off a 100-passenger, 45-foot ferry on the Dart River in Dartmouth, Devon, England.

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It was time for dinner and I went to pick up the seemingly slack rod from the spike to pack up and head in. My line was slack, but as soon as I began to take up line, my fifteen-dollar reel started to sing out to the guttural, wretched tune of a tortured mammal.

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