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Month: August, 2012

96-year old message in a bottle found…

…by the same boat that found the previous world record oldest message in a bottle.

The woman who mapped the sea floor

Hali Felt has written Soundings: The Remarkable Story of the Woman Who Mapped the Ocean Floor. She writes about it, here:

Marie’s research led to a revolutionary discovery: there was a rift valley running down the center of the Atlantic Ocean. It began off the coast of Iceland and, she eventually realized, extended for more than 40,000 miles beneath the ocean’s surface. The existence of such a rift was nearly incontrovertible proof of continental drift–a hypothesis that was so unpopular in the United States at the time that belief in it was considered a form of scientific heresy.

Many scientists remained unconvinced of the rift’s existence until the 1959 International Oceanographic Congress in New York, where Jacques Cousteau screened a film of the rift valley he’d collected while crossing the Atlantic to attend the conference.

After seeing such concrete proof, using Marie’s hand-drawn, bird’s-eye-view physiographic diagrams as the foundation for their work, scientists began writing the papers that would cause a paradigm shift in Earth science. These papers from the 1960s, mostly by scientists from the United States, Great Britain, and Canada, are now considered the seminal papers of plate tectonics. The theories they espoused wouldn’t have been possible without Marie’s maps, a fact that was quickly forgotten in all of the revolutionary excitement.

Surfcaster Montauk

Surfcasting is not just fishing–and it sure as hell isn’t boat fishing. Surfcasters stand toe-to-toe with the tide and wrestle out fish with nothing but their rods and hands. Welcome to Montauk.”

What is a blanket octopus?

They’re not a new species but I’d never heard of one before today. via my amazing earth, via kozyndan.

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A map of every hurricane (over a century)


John Nelson made this and I found it on io9:

Ok, here’s a bottoms-up view of known tropical storms and hurricanes dating back to 1851.  The fine folks at NOAA keep an archive of storm paths with wind speed, storm name, date, among other attributes, and are always updating and refining information for past events based on historical evidence and educated hunches.

Click through for the bigger version.

“Are you in trouble?”

I just discovered the wonderful writing of Diane Ackerman, paired with the art of Micah Lidberg:

Are you in trouble? he signaled.

No, no, I answered emphatically. I’m O.K. I put an open palm over my heart, then made a stirring motion in the water. My heart is stirred, and my eyes … I made a rain-falling movement beside one eye with my fingers.

Surface? he motioned, his knitted brow adding a question mark.

No! I signaled stiffly. I’m O.K. Wait. Wait. I thought for a moment, then made the sign French chefs use in commercials, the gestural Esperanto for “This dish is perfection,” making a purse of my fingers and exploding open the purse just after it touched my mouth. Then I swept a hand wide.

Observations of a deep-sea angler fish

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MBARI via Deep Sea News:

This video shows never-before seen footage of a deep-sea angler fish, Chaunacops coloratus.

Strange Love Craft: Marion Hyper-Sub

Marion via Seawolf.