My favorite all around swim fins

by brian lam

I’ve tried a number of fins, including Vipers, Stewart Vipers, Churchills and they’ve all got different pros and cons, but overall, I like Da Fins the best for bumming around in the water. I’ve got better fins for bodysurfing small stuff and for freediving and diving, of course, but these are great all around fins. They’ve got a good combination of surface area, rigidity, comfort, thrust and maneuverability. I do light swimming, snorkeling, and bodysurfing in them, at home in Ocean Beach’s fast currents and abroad.

This article on Hungry Walrus has a deeper explanation of why he likes them, and why I like them, including their North Shore Lifeguarding pedigree. Mark Cunningham, world’s best bodysurfer, lifeguards and body surfs in them. Here’s a video:

YouTube Preview Image

Interestingly enough, a Northern California lifeguard told me that they don’t use them here for rescue because they don’t have enough edge to shimmy up rock faces, but that is obviously a very specific shortcoming in what is otherwise a fin fin design.

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