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Month: January, 2012

Dolphins and Whales, Playing

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For the first time, scientists have recorded dolphins playing with whales–the whales are letting the dolphins slide down their backs.

*AMNH via boingboing*

Pulling Giant Ships Off Rocks

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My friend John Konrad, one of the youngest unlimited class captains, wrote a post on how to remove ships that have been grounded. This video, from his longer post, shows how the Phoenix was pulled from a South African beach when the tide was right. Often, more drastic measures are required, though.

A Shark That Eats Polar Bears

These incredible Greenland sharks can survive for more than 200 years at depths of up to 600 metres under Arctic ice. Bigger than the notorious great white, they grow to 23-feet long and are so fearsome they have even been known to eat polar bears.

It should be added that it is entirely possible that the sharks just eat carcasses of polar bears. Dunno.


The Tragedy of The Costa Concordia

The Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground last Friday offshore Tuscany, Italy. So far, a few dozen are unaccounted for, and at least 6 have been pronounced dead so far.The most striking photo I have seen so far is of the hull, gouged by rock.

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Paul McGee’s mmmm hmmmmmm

I’ve never seen a worse wave look better.

*flickr via sealust*

On Whales Eating Men Alive

Ben Shattuck writes about the history and lore of men being chewed on and swallowed by Whales. He finds a lot of fiction, but he also finds some fact.

The famous Quaker captain Edmund Gardner’s entanglement with a whale paints the clearest picture of what might happen — he was photographed post-attack, his left hand, fingerless and gnarled, centered in the shot. Gardner and his crew were off the coast of Peru in 1839. They lowered for a sperm whale. Gardner, as captain, was the boat header. After the whale was harpooned, he switched places with the boat steerer to kill the whale with a lance. The whale turned on the boat, and bit the bow. An article in Our Flag – a mid-19th-century publication out of New Bedford — lightly describes the whale biting the bow as it might “the best part of an apple-tart in the munch of a hungry school-boy.” His crew retrieved him, put him in the bottom of the boat, and thought he was dead. But he croaked out that he wanted to go to a doctor in Peru, where he convalesced.

Clint Eastwood actually is a bad-ass in real life

Clint Eastwood has been playing bad-asses in movies for his entire acting career, but I had no idea that he was a bad-ass in real life, too.

My friend Chris tipped me off to a pretty incredible story about Eastwood from when he was only 21 years old: the guy survived a plane crash at sea and swam a few miles to shore off the coast of Point Reyes, California, in freezing cold water that is a major breeding ground for great white sharks.

Are you feeling lucky, Clint?

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By the way, Happy New Year

Yeah it’s almost 2 weeks late but this is a nice little video to set the tone for 2012. May all your adventures be so carefree and tan.