Want Your Own Hand-Crafted Pirate Ship for Only $10,000?

by Owen James Burke

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In Nanaimo, Vancouver, a man has taken it upon himself to construct his very own pirate ship, in his back yard, /A\ News Vancouver is reporting. With no blueprints or plans, Terry Renner built the entire vessel with just the guidance of history books and his imagination.

Renner, who spent six to nine months just trying to figure out if his concept would work, was influenced by a story about how Haitian fishermen build their fishing vessels up to 30 feet long, just from driftwood.

But why would a man want to part with such a project, and for only $10,000? “Sorry to see her go, but through my life it’s been about the doing, not about what I’ve done.”

Renner admits that he would like to keep her sitting right in his back yard, but he is also passionate about seeing it through to a new home, and hopes that a maritime society will make the purchase. Willing to complete the project with its next proprietor, he has proposed that maybe they can add cannons to it, and chase the tourist ships around the harbor.

*anewsvanisland via deepseanews*


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