Sunk Punk, The First Beer to Ever Brew at the Bottom of the Sea

by Owen James Burke

United Kingdom brewery BrewDog has just made maritime and libation history by brewing “Sunk Punk”, the first beer to be crafted at the bottom of the ocean. And, they may have also figured out how to rid Scotland of a horrendous curse.

Hailing a Jolly Roger flag and a tube for CO2 release 20 meters below the surface of the North Sea in waters 10 degrees celsius, BrewDog has perfected the India Pale Ale (IPA).

Sunk Punk IPA’s label, by Johanna Basford

Aside from a formidable 7.1% alcohol by volume, BrewDog’s new Sunk Punk IPA contains several aquatic ingredients not usually (or ever) accustomed to beer, including buckweed, distilled sea-salt, rum, and mermaids, so they claim.

Extra measures have been taken to ensure that salt does not make its way into the beer while it undergoes fermentation, and a scuba diver was sent down to install the necessary equipment.

Scottish folklore tells of the curse of a fishermen who had a witch for a wife and spent day after day at sea with no catch. His wife began shopping for a cure to his curse, but soon found out that instead of fishing, he’d been sitting around on his boat swilling beer all day. Go figure. She then cast a curse on the coastline, so that any time he attempted to return ashore, a vicious storm would upwell, and he’d not be able to make it.

So, to break the curse, as the tale goes, a bottle of beer must be thrown into the sea. BrewDog, however, appears to have gone a step further, perhaps calming the seas for good, by brewing their very own.


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