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Sea Monster by James Gurney

Filmmaker John Landis speaking on his new book, “Monsters in the Movies: 100 Year of Cinematic Nightmares”
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What is a monster exactly? Why do we need them? It is fascinating. It gets pretty profound. What you realize is that from the earliest cave paintings to even now in the most sophisticated computer-generated imagery, we humans, we hairless apes, for some reason we feel the need to create monsters and draw monsters.

“Every major philosophy and religion have monsters. When you try to get to the essence of what is a monster, it’s very interesting. Ultimately, humans have a real fear of the unknown. There are things that are unknown that remain unknown…

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On maps, when Europeans started exploring the world they would draw where they had been and where they hadn’t been they would put in Latin, here be monsters. And there would be drawings of sea serpents…. What they were saying was we don’t know what’s here, so therefore we are scared of it.

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Sea Monster by NgJas

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Sea monster by BrotherOstavia

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sea monster by JimHatama

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Momo The Sea Monster

Emmett Duffy Wins Inaugural Kobe Prize in Marine Biology

Very excited to hear today that VIMS marine biologist Emmett Duffy won a big prize in marine biology established by Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, Japan. He is fantastic marine blogger with the awesome Sea Monster blog, as well as a twitterer. It consists of a cash prize, half of which was donated to Japan’s earthquake relief efforts…

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Sea monster No.1 by tiger1313

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Godzilla in America

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Vintage Pond Monster

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