Sea, Close-Up Studio Portraits of Sea Life

by Owen James Burke

Miniatus Grouper

Mark Laita wanted to photograph marine animals as a still life series, but there was only one problem: because the blue-green hue of the water column absorbs certain colors from the spectrum (namely red), it would be impossible to capture the true colors of every creature.

Green Chromis

So, Laita removed his subjects from the water and undertook his project in tanks, using studio strobe lighting. The result, Sea, is a 104-page collection of photographs completely uninterrupted by color-draining peripherals that are present in their natural settings.

Humpback Anglerfish

Contrived? Maybe, but ironically, the fruition of Laita’s concept reveals the colors of these animals alone, as they truly are. So if you can get past the tanks, these are some of the most flawlessly fundamental, yet vivid depictions of sea life available.

Whale Shark (top), Leopard Whiptail (bottom)

They look even better in the book, too, so pick yourself up a copy:


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