Message in Bottle Helps Rescue Crew of Pirated Cargo Ship

by Owen James Burke

Electronics are great when they work, but what happens when you’re locked in a stronghold and your communication instruments have been disabled by the pirates who’ve just commandeered your ship?

This past Monday, the crew of the Italian cargo ship the Montecristo were hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia. The sailors locked themselves in the citadel as instructed, only the pirates disabled their communication devices before a distress signal could be engaged. Desperately innovate, the crew reverted to more traditional methods of sending out an SOS by sticking a message in a bottle, attaching a flashing beacon onto the top, and tossing it out a porthole.

NATO did find the flashing beacon, and when they learned that the crew were all safe and locked aboard the vessel, they launched a raid on the ship and captured the pirates.

*wired via oldsaltblog*

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