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Month: October, 2011

Video: Hagfish Release Slime to Deter Sharks

We all knew that hagfish were slimy and repulsive, but who would have thought a shark would pass them up for a meal? Apparently, sharks can’t even stomach their slime.

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An Interview With Danielle Woodward, Currently the US Antarctic Program’s Youngest Diver

At 23, Danielle Woodward is the youngest science diver at the US Antarctic Program this season. She’s aiding Dr. Samuel Bowers, Antarctic research veteran, by collecting samples of forams which could teach us how to create the types of biological “superglue” that sea life uses to create shells. Earlier this month, she took her first dip under the ice.

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The Bodysurf Classic Contest

Some friends of mine are holding a little bodysurfing contest while the Rip Curl contest is going on in SF next week. Unpleasant people are forbidden to participate, but I have a new move I want to try during a heat so I’m going to enter anyhow. It all happens on November 5th. My brother from new york is going to enter, too. So is Mark, who is sort of like an olympian in the water, so heh, maybe he’ll give me a tow out to the line up. Come on, buddy!

*The Bodysurf Classic via OBBulletin*

Video of a Spear Fisherman Hauling in a Big Dogtooth Tuna

YouTube Preview Image

This is surfer/spearo Mark Healey catching a large Dogtooth Tuna in Fiji. I’m still hoping to find more time to learn how to do this. The water’s too murky in Northern California.


Wish You Were Here: El Cuco, El Salvador

The 9am El Salvadorian sun beat down like a drum. And here we were trying to move a two-ton mound of dirt with nothing but the most primitive tools.

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Three Eyed Wolf Fish Found Near Nuclear Power Plant

Fisherman in Cordoba, Argentina caught a three eyed wolf fish in a lake called Hot Water Jet, which is located near a nuclear power plant. Coincidence?


Wish You Were Here: Baffin Island, Canada

The northern lights put on a show in Canada’s Arctic Archipelago, where the sun sets on November 22nd and does not rise until January 19th of the following year.

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Thanks For the Bonzer, Malcolm

From: brian lam
Subject: A bonzer for a surfer hunting for fun but humbled by winter waves and low levels of fitness and experience
Date: March 6, 2011 10:29:57 AM PST
To: malcolm