Water Wench Wednesday

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Hilda by Duane Bryers – via hoodoothatvoodoo

Duane Bryers’ “Hilda” — The First Illustrated Plus Size Pin Up Girl

Duane Bryers was the first illustrator to use plus size models as subjects in his pin up art. Unlike the stick-thin, female icons so popular today, Hilda has not one angular feature. She sublimely embodies the old fashioned womanly ideals of “round and soft”. She is feminine to the nth degree.

If one’s natural male instinct is to respond to the rounder, softer, more generously proportioned woman, you will understand why there is so much to like about her. From her long, soft legs, girlish face, plump, inviting arms, to her hips, round and wide, you see a vision of femininity forming in front of you. Add to all that her ample, well-developed breasts, soft, yielding tummy and glorious hip-waist ratio, and you discover she is an ideal example of full-figure perfection. The perfect plus size, pear-shaped, nubile beauty. 
–Pin-up star girls


Robert McGinnis (artist) via theticketthatexploded

jantz-lowJantzen Swimwear – Plan59 :: 1950s Illustration :: Pete Hawley, (artist) 1946 – via theticketthatexploded


Illustrated Police News 1896; treselegant via coldisthesea

Monday Matticchio


Spanish poster for Scream And Scream Again (1970) – via grottu


The sea is made for lovers…
Via Pictorial Romances no4, November 1950


Lotería Card
via oldcortez

Source: sexycomics



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