Parachuting into Rogue Waves in the Middle of the Ocean

by Owen James Burke

All suited up, Mark Visser dives from a plane after his surfboards and jetski

Big wave surfer Mark Visser, the Australian who recently rode Hawaii’s Jaws at night, is at it again. This time he hopes to find and surf the largest waves of his life in the open ocean where he, with the help of satellite technology and a team of scientists, has just uncovered some very large, unridden waves.

“Everyone knew that these rogue waves were out there. We knew that they were bigger than 80 feet,” said Visser. “The hardest part was figuring out how to get out into the middle of the ocean.”

Why not just get there by boat? A time window must be met in order to reach the swell at the right place, and a boat two days away would be too late. A plane was just the vessel, it could be prepped and ready in minutes.

When asked how they were preparing and equipping themselves for “Operation Deep Blue,” Visser and Fresh and Clean Media replied to the Scuttlefish, “We have a few different planes for different locations c130 and other similar models,” and that “Each location varies,” while “some locations are 5000 miles out!” Now they’ll go “out to each one, seeing what kind of waves are appearing, and surfing. Hoping to find the 100ft wave.”

In a press release, Visser explained that the “project was really terrifying. Being out in the middle of the ocean without seeing a speck of land is a very humbling experience and you definitely feel very, very alone out there.”

Best of luck Mr. Visser!

*via markvisser*

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