Watch This Video of an Anti-Shark Gadget Repelling Sharks In the Wild

by brian lam

This is a new video of an anti-shark band in action in the wild. The sharks are reef sharks and the location is off Bimini Island. Previous gadgets used electrics and were more expensive. This is just a bunch of strong magnets inside of neoprene. It’s called the Shark Shocker, and it is $30. I’d say it should cost about $10, but I’m not hating.

Anti-shark gadgets don’t make a lot of sense, but primarily because the chances of them needing to actually save your butt from a shark attack are pretty low. Experts do think that while electromagnetic fields have an effect on the ampullae of Lorenzini the electromagnetic-detecting organ that sharks have, in videos even repelling them, there’s a serious belief and even anecdotal evidence during tests by the makers of such gear that a electromagnetic field generated by such gadgets won’t reflect or deter a big shark rocketing towards a target. Its not a force field. I think of it, in my own non-expert way–of eating a bacon lettuce tomato sandwich with bits of tin foil inside when you’re really hungry. That foil is going to be annoying and hurt your teeth but I bet you get a good bite from the sandwich before you feel the foil. I don’t know.

I’d test one if the company sent me a review unit…but how would you and I know it worked or not. Unless I wrapped some bacon around my leg, I’d find it pretty hard to incite an attack in the wild. That’s not gonna happen.

What I do give the makers credit for is the disclaimer at the end. Essentially, they’re saying one of these devices is better than nothing. I’d say, again, it’s worth about $10 of my money to give it a whirl.

*shark shocker*

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