The Sheerleg: The Monstrous Majesty Of This 3000-Ton, Ship Building, Floating Crane

by brian lam

My friend Captain John Konrad the Fifth just wrote about the Sheerleg, which is a big, big floating crane used to build ships. The Sheerleg is used to transport and plug 3000-ton megablocks into place with millimeter precision. Megablocks are a chunk of a ship that can be carried to the actual build site one at a time after they’re built up on land. Big ships used to take 90 blocks and many trips; now a ship can be built from only 10 mega blocks, reducing the amount of time it took for Samsung Heavy Industries to build a ship by half.

YouTube Preview Image

This time lapse video is of a 6 hour operation compressed to just under 3 minutes. It shows a $750, 750-foot deep offshore drillship getting its latest megablock.

John’s really obsessed with this stuff, and I can hardly do this crane justice, so check out Gcaptain for more info.


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