The Boggsville Boatel, New York City’s Floating Hotel

by Owen James Burke

Way out in Far Rockaway at Marina 59 is New York City’s new Boggsville Boatel (a floating hotel), which just opened this summer. The lobby is composed of docks going every which way, furnished with mini-grills, deck chairs, swim platforms and a movie screen (which even features a documentary on the fathers of floating rubbish themselves, Poppa Neutrino and family).

For project designer Constance Hockaday, 29, the project came into fruition through her dream to find a way to live on the water in a financially self-sustaining manner. The project itself is not even yet a business, and the nightly fee for staying (between $50 and $100) is billed as a donation.

The welcome letter sent to guests reads: “We are not a real hotel. This is an adventure at best and an art project at worst.”

One curbed contributor even described it as a trailer park, and by his photograph, it looks to be just like that. The entire boatel was made possible by donations, and probably a little kitschy trash-diving. One boat is decorated by a moose’s head with a headlamp and a bra. Sorry mom and dad, this one is probably just for the kids.

*via nyt and curbed*

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