Strange Love Craft: Short and Fat, The Latest Brownfish Handplane

by brian lam

The new Brownfish Handplane, described by Gary from Brownfish, is “short and fat”, but he says its his favorite handplane ever. I’m not sure why he says it isn’t the best for beginners, but I can guess why he likes it so much–every hand plane I’ve ever tried with hard rails, fins and concaves just goes faster and faster. That mega channel on the bottom helps it hold faces and lines without using as much rail. So you’re getting a lot of surface area at the same time you’re carving lines. In my experience, it’s easier to get up and go with a smaller plane with hard edges than a big fat one with soft edges. The square tail probably helps its drive, too, but that’s my surfboard theory creeping into handplane theory. It’s a little different, I think.

I ordered one. We’ll see how it goes.


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