Renegade Shark Hunter Vic Hislop; On a Mission From God to Search and Destroy

by monkeyfist

That’s Vic and a 22-foot great white shark he caught in 1982. You’ve probably never heard of Vic Hislop, a real life Jaws hunter from Australia. That’s because he’s been a little too controversial for network television in the last decade. He’s killed thousands of sharks in cold blood. He believes that the hundreds of swimmers that go missing every year are mostly shark attack victims –proof being the human parts founds in stomachs of animals he’s killed– and that there’s a government conspiracy to cover up the link between the predators and the disappearing persons. He believes they’re coming to get us, developing a real taste for human flesh as a result of diminishing natural fish reserves. And, he believes that sharks are god’s mistake and that he is meant to right that mistake by wiping them out, that sentiment remaining in him even as science reveals that sharks are an important aspect of our increasingly fragile water worlds.

But Vic’s not reviled by all. From The Cud:

Before you cast a stone in Vic’s direction, answer this: When was the last time you jumped in a tinny with a powerhead shotgun and gaff and massacred fourteen tiger sharks just so a doomed Minke whale named Minnie would die knowing she had a friend in the ever’reddening water? Where’s the 22’foot Great White Shark in your freezer, half’fucked and falling to pieces like a poorly preserved Ho Chi Minh? Where do you find the gall to insult the tenuous grip on sanity of a man dedicated to ridding the sea of great evil just so you and yours can paddle safely in the shallows on your pissy summer holiday?

Flickr: Shark Hunter Vic Hislop showing off his catch:

I don’t really want to condone shark hunting, because overall I’m against it, but I just thought I should point out that these pics are from 1982, in Western Australia, just after some swimmers we attacked by sharks.

A real life Jaws types situation you could say. And this is a pretty typical Aussie response after a shark attack.

See the flickr set posted by Joris de Beer

vic hislop 2

Vic Hislop; On a mission from God?

from stop vic, a site dedicated to taking down Vic:

hislop bookHave you ever wondered how or why Vic became a shark hunter? I have obtained a copy of his self-published book SharkMan, (1993 – Juvenile Nonfiction – 40 pages) and now all can be revealed.

This is a direct quote from the book…

“They cruise around 24 hours a day tearing apart family-oriented animals such as dolphins and dugong, eating or maiming the young as well as their mother and father… Surely the creator must have realised the terrible imbalance and injustice and must have put me here to help and restore the balance and justice for all the gentle creatures of the sea”.

So there it is.

God put all the cute, cuddly animals in the ocean, but screwed up by adding sharks. After realising his mistake several million years later, the Almighty comes up with an ingenious plan – create Vic Hislop (in his own image I’d imagine) to put things right… (source/more)

Vic Hislop Shark Hunter – Frozen in Time

For most of shark community the announcement of Vics latest acquisition of a 1200kg, 5m hammerhead estimated to be close to 40 years old surprised few.

Rumors that he intends to display this animal in a frozen Disneyesque state for paying customers disgusted many including us. Vic remains a perfect example of 1970’s shark mindsets where animals are to be killed, and ironically displayed and promoted as the oceans ultimate killers…

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Vic Hislop’s Shark Show in Hervey Bay, Australia

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