I’m Going To El Salvador To Build a School. How About We Name It After You?

by brian lam

At the start of September, I’ll be going to El Salvador’s El Cuco region to catch a few waves and see the seaside. My travel buddies are a bunch of writers, artists, board shapers and little old me. (Andy Olive from SanFranPsycho, Danny Hess, Jay Nelson, The Scuttlefish’s very own Mark Lukach as well as Surf For Life’s Alex Fang and Jaimal Yogis.) Besides the love of the ocean, we’ve got a common task: We’re going to be building a high school together. 

It’s a small high school, about two rooms big, and we’ll make it in a week. But it’ll be the area’s first. If we can do it, which depends on some help from people like, well, you.

Surf For Life is the great organization putting this whole thing. So many travels that water people take that are adventures, not overly-groomed Hilton vacations. These trips can and often do take them through countries where poverty is the norm. It can make you feel pretty guilty. And so many people are forced to spend their leisure time between relaxation and volunteer work. Surf For Life is not unlike Habitat for Humanity’s international volunteer programs in the idea that people can combine their travel and charity work over the same time and feel doubly good about it. Except on top of that, I’ll be getting to fish and surf. That makes it a positive experience, times three over.

But before I get there, I need help. Yours if you’re feeling up to it.

First, I’ve been put in charge of getting some gear together that we can use to build the houses. That means tools. The more basic and tough the better. If you’ve got a company that wants to donate tools, or some tools you can send us. We’ll be able to use them and mention them in the videos and photos of the trip wherever we can. Email me at Blam@thescuttlefish.com

Then, there’s the school. We’re going to commemorate pieces of the building to people who donate certain amounts.  

  • For $10, you’ll have a Cinder Block named after you. And I’ll name my next pokemon after you.
  • For $50, a desk and chair and I’ll name my next surfboard after you
  • Windows, for $300 and I’ll name my next car after you
  • Benches, for $1000 and I’ll name my next dog after you
  • And the walls will have your name on them for $5,000 and I’ll name my grandkids after you

The other thing you might be able to do is come along on future trips.

Here’s where you can learn more and donate. *

*Thanks for reading this post. Please leave a note on your donation saying you found out about Surf For Life through the Scuttlefish, so we can track how people are finding out about things. And let me know if you want to


Photo by Majesetee

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