Here Lies Blackbeard’s Cannon (And Ship. The Loot Confirms It.)

by brian lam

In 1995, off Beaufort, a shipwreck was discovered. People have said it was Queen Anne’s Revenge, otherwise known as Blackbeard’s ship, since then.

But North Carolina cultural resource experts were careful to say they thought it was Blackbeard’s ship, because although they were fairly sure, they weren’t completely sure. Until now.

Their proof, after much fact finding, boils down to two main points. The size of the ship matches Queen Anne’s Revenge and nothing else in the area at the time did. And lastly, the artifacts onboard, including a bell marked with the date 1705 as well as apothecary weights marked with the Fleurs-de-lis that may have belonged to the captured surgeon of the original French crew that manned the boat before it was captured and converted to a pirate warship. They also found gold hidden in buckshot and the cannon above. The declaration was not the result of an aha! moment, rather, the timing is set to legitimize an upcoming exhibit, and to procure more funding for research around the wreck.

*Nat Geo via DSN*

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