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Month: August, 2011

Wish You Were Here: Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach, Greece

The only way to access Navagio Beach is by boat, but that’s okay, because it’s usually pretty crowded anyway.

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Umami Seafood Co. Breeds First Northern Bluefin Tuna in Captivity

Northern Bluefin tuna have been bred in captivity for the first time ever, says Umami Seafood in San Diego. Over the course of 5 years Umami raised about 1,000 bluefins to maturity in their research pen off Croatia, but just this year they have had a “massive spawn . . . with billions of eggs released,” said Oli Steindorsson, chief executive of Umami.

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A Map of Where Rotting Human Feet Are Washing Up

Another foot in a shoe has washed up in British Columbia. Another? That’s right, the 8th since August 2007, and the map above from the National Post, charts them. No one knows where the feet are coming from but we’ve written about this phenomenon and here are the theories so far.

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Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story

A “rarest combination of science and art,” the wooden boat has long been a dying craft. Ever since the development of fiberglass, boats have been cheaper, lighter, faster, and easier to maintain, but at what sacrifice? An element of grace is lost somewhere in fiberglass, is it not?

Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story tells the tale of Ross Gannon and Nat Benjamin who, 30 years ago, set out to open a shipyard on Martha’s Vineyard that would be strictly for designing, repairing and maintaining traditional wooden boats, and traditional wooden boats alone.

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Poolside With Slim Aarons

Hotel du Cap, Eden Roe, Antibes, France, 1976. Note the diving board which projects one into the sea. 

American photographer Slim Aarons has a book, Poolside With Slim Aarons. The title is descriptive enough, but to get at the true sentiment of the book, you’d have to be familiar with Slim Aarons’ lifestyle. Which was to fly around in the heyday of the jet age, before aids, after birth control, and photograph the rich in every particular type of luxurious situation. But particularly the type of situation in the sunshine, and in this particular volume of his work, near pools.

From the book jacket:

Here are the magnificent, suntanned bodies; well-oiled skin; bikini-clad women’ summer cocktails on sun-drenched verandahs; sumptuous buffets; spectacular locations; and, most of all, fun.

William Norwich, fashion writer, who penned the opening, persists:

Once upon a time, life was not better. It was different. Once upon a time everything was optimism, because nothing was bad for you.

The 1960s and the 1970s? Sexy as the sun. A jet set utopianism was unleashed like Icarus…

It is not too much to say that I held my breath when I opened up to the image across from the table of contents, no doubt there to hook the reader, and yet, too racy for the cover. It deserved the cover. It did. It does.

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“Country life in Maine is starting to lose a little bit of its charm.”

From: Monkeyfist

Subject: back on the grid

Date: August 30, 2011 7:37:08 PM PDT

To: Brian Lam

we got power back this evening thanks to a crew in from Nova Scotia.

A huge tree had collapsed on the lines just up the road past my village.  Some tree people came in this afternoon and got it out and the power crew arrived with all the fanfare of the Americans rolling into the French countryside.

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Hawaii In the 1960s, By Elizabeth Logue

Elizabeth Logue was a model and actress known for her role in Hawaii, alongside Julie Andrews and as the girl from the opening credits of Hawaii Five O. Elizabeth, who is descendant of chinese, hawaiian and english blood, narrates and appears on film in this tourism film filmed in 1966. You can hear her local pride in the way she says “hawaii” and how she describes her home land.

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Water Wench Wednesday


via New work by SAELEE OH | – More about SAELEE OH at: Profile / Website

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