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imageWhen American soldiers returned home from World War II, they brought with them stories and souvenirs from the South Pacific. James Michener won the 1948 Pulitzer Prize for his collection of short stories, Tales of the South Pacific, which in turn was the basis for South Pacific, the 1949 musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, also a Pulitzer Prize winner.

In addition to the returning WWII veterans, several other factors contributed to the mid-century American explosion in Polynesian Kitsch Pop culture or Tiki Culture. Post-war America saw the rise of the middle class as an economic force. This coupled with ever increasing affordability of travel, particularly newly established air travel to Hawaii, helped to propel the nation’s interest in all things tropical. Hawaiian statehood was a major factor which further increased popularity of the tropical lifestyle, and Americans fell in love with their romanticized version of an exotic culture. contributing was the excitement surrounding the Kon-Tiki expedition.

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Trader Vic’s – Honolulu, HILanai Room, La Playa Hotel – Carmel, CA

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menus, postcards, photos, brochures, matchbooks, and other paper ephemera from tropical themed establishments; 1950-1970s

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MID-CENTURIA : Art, Design and Decor from the Mid-Century and beyond: Movements & Themes: Calypso Wall Art – via theticketthatexploded

Tiki Godsha! Graphics and Design

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