Strange Love Craft: Taylor’s Mistake (The Handski and Beach)

by brian lam

I had just finished a body surfing session a few months ago when I saw an older gentleman in the parking log, sopping wet, with a satisfied look on his face. In his hand was a beat up old handplane like I’d never seen before. I introduced myself and asked him what his Strange Love Craft was.

“Taylor’s Mistake”, he said.


Taylor’s Mistake, is a beach in New Zealand that is also called “Te Onepoto” by the Maori. It was also once called Vincent’s Bay, but that was before Taylor ran his ship aground here.

The man’s name was Bruce, an old sports journalist. I emailed him a link to Scuttlefish and he wrote back this note.

“Bodysurfing is truly one of the most,  if not the most relaxing form of exercise around. It refreshes and calms and yet at t he same time, invigorates the spirit. I find that whenver I’m stressed out or upset about something that it’s just the tonic I need!

I hope  you’re getting a chance  to get out in the water yourself from t ime to  time. I remember those days from about 1983 trough 1997 where I would go out, mostly at Ocean Beach, more than 100 times a year! I also did a fair amount of boogie boarding in those days,  especially during the winter months. I don’t know where I would be without spending time in the ocean!”

The handplane, or Handski as Bruce calls it, was made specifically for Taylor’s Mistake in the 70s.

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