Wish You Were Here: Torquay and Brixham

by monkeyfist

imageWills’s Cigarettes “Seaside Resorts” (series of 50 with 6 different advertising backs, issued in 1899)
#21 Torquay, Devon
(full series)


In the early 19th century the town began to develop into a fashionable seaside resort, initially frequented by members of the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars while the Royal Navy anchored in the bay and later by the crème de la crème of Victorian society as the town’s fame spread. Renowned for its healthful climate, the town earned the nickname of the English Riviera.Torquay was the home of the writer Agatha Christie, who lived most of her life there. The town contains an “Agatha Christie Mile”, a tour with plaques, dedicated to her life and work. Torquay has numerous other tourist attractions, including Kents Cavern, Britain’s most important Stone Age site, which was home to early man for some 700,000 years.  –much more on wikipedia

imageOddicombe Beach, Babbacombe, Torquay; c. 1980 – see full size

Oddicombe is a popular beach, noted for its interesting Breccia cliffs, below the Babbacombe district of Torbay, Devon in England.

imageToday: Oddicombe Beach, Devon, from Babbacombe Downs (full size)

In February 2010 part of the cliffs at Oddicombe caved in, resulting in a large rockfall onto a part of the beach and into the sea. The sea subsequently wore away several rocks, staining the sea in the area and the beach pink for a number of weeks.   —source

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imageBrixham c. 1980

imageOld Photos of Brixham (more)


A small is a fishing port town and civil parish in the county of Devon, in the south-west of England. Brixham is at the southern end of Torbay, across the bay from Torquay. Fishing and tourism are its two major industries. Brixham is also notable for being the town where the fishing trawler was improved in the 19th century; their distinctive sails inspired the song “Red Sails in the Sunset“, which was written aboard a sailing trawler called the Torbay Lass.Hundreds of ships have been wrecked on the rocks around the town. The town’s outer harbour is protected by a lighthouse and long breakwater, used for sea angling. During the Second World War, a ramp and piers were built from which American servicemen left for the D-day landings. The town is hilly, and built around the harbour which remains in use as a dock for fishing trawlers. It has a focal tourist attraction in the replica of Sir Francis Drake‘s ship the Golden Hind that is permanently moored there.

–much more on wiki

imageOld Photos of Brixham  (full size)

imageBrixham Fish Quay as it appears today

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