Interlude de la Artsy-Fartsy

by monkeyfist

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“Selections from the film Proteus, a documentary concerning the life, work, and philosophy of Ernst Haeckel, a 19th century naturalist. The film tells of the man’s character and influences while using his detailed engravings of Radiolaria, single celled marine organisms, to make animated progressions…”

Ernst Haeckel; click through for more imagesClick thru the video to YouTube for more clips about Ernst Haeckel.

If you already know about Haeckel, it’s a visually cute high speed tiptoe thru the tulip catalog. If you don’t know about Haeckel, go freakin look the man up on wikipedia, do a Google Image search, and for chrissakes, try to keep yourself an interesting person.

It’s worth the effort and your crew mates will thank you.

Octopus marginatus lives for art, and you’re fucking with his flow so stop walking back and forth, god damnit how is he supposed to concentrate on his piece?!

video link and viewer criticism via rhamphotheca

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