Art Student Makes Swim Goggles Out of Fish Scales

by Owen James Burke

Tired of the discomfort brought about by that crappy plastic many swim goggles are made with? Well, these goggles made from 100% fish scales might not help with that problem too much; but they’re surely a stylistic improvement.

Erik de Laurens wanted to know what happens with scales after they’ve been stripped from fish in preparation for the table. When he found out that the answer was nothing, he began wondering what he could make out of them. Surprisingly, with a little heat and no other added agents, fish scales can bond together quite nicely, making a pattern similar to that of granite or marble.

When he realized how beautifully smooth he could make his “fish scale plastic”, de Laurens began to wonder about even more possibilities. So far he’s made not only goggles, but eye-glass frames, drinking cups, and a wooden table with a fish scale inlay.

As pretty and functional as all of this artwork is, who knows what he’ll make next?

*via inhabitat*

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