Can You Sail? Alice and the True Blue III Seeks Crew

by brian lam

My friend Philippe Kahn is making his annual sailing race from California to Hawaii right now, and as usual, I find myself very jealous. (Watch his liveblog of the race here.) I asked to come along once but since he is a record holding professional sailor and I am just a terrible one, I would just be extra weight for the boat to haul.

For nearly 10 years I’ve had the wish to make a West Coast to Hawaii crossing. When I left my job, I immediately hit some local crew boards and met Alice of the True Blue III. There are skippers with more blue water experience but none with a better reason for going. The voyage to Hawaii was a part of a dream she had with her partner who passed away earlier this year before they could depart. She is making the voyage in memory. And as soon as she has a third crew, she’ll go.

True Blue III is a cutter-rigged steel round bilged Vancouver 38 built by Pheon Yachts in England. She has recently been refitted, is very strong and sea worthy, and is fairly begging me to take her off shore.

I’d love to go with her, but while I’m in Mexico, she may try to depart. And if I can’t go with her, maybe you can. Contact her below and tell her Brian sent you. She prefers those with sailing experience, and women-sailers are also ideal but she’ll take anyone who she deems compatible with the rest of the crew who has the right stuff and the time to make the trip.


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