Three Eagles, One Fish

by Owen James Burke

Photo captured by Jose Hernandez in Homer, Alaska

Three eagles fight over a herring, which is seen airborne at the top of the image but was caught by yet another eagle after it fell below the frame.  Even with all the bountiful food sources available within the waters of Alaska, a little thievery is not uncommon between these intrepid predators.

Amazingly, eagles’ life-cycles coincide directly with seasonal fish runs, meaning each of them always knows when and where to be, frequently resulting in a frantic free-for-all.

Acknowledging the bald eagle’s behavioral patterns as a display of ‘poor moral character,’ Benjamin Franklin did not want the bird to be the country’s symbol.

Despite nearing extinction in the late 20th century, bald eagles have been removed from endangered and threatened wildlife species lists and now flourish on large bodies of water throughout all of North America.

*natgeo via moldychum, daycreek*

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