“Library of Fishes” to Catalog 27,000 Species

by Owen James Burke

Since the 1960’s, marine biologist Richard Rosenblatt has spent countless hours on expeditions to remote parts of the Pacific Ocean to catalogue marine species into the Scripps Marine Vertebrate Collection (MVC), a global database organized by scientists at San Diego, California’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). Unfortunately due to lack of space, the archive was never completely sorted and entered, until now.

With both the established categorized collection and the remaining unsorted contents of the MVC, the National Science Foundation will use a high-tech x-ray machine to develop a “Library of Fishes,” which will catalogue about 27,000 fish and make way for global access to an unprecedented amount of research on specimens.

No one really knows what’s in those jars, but some very curious scientists and researchers are committed to finding out.

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